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PCB Case Studies

Case Study 1: Minaturised Surface Mount PCB

This PCB is a surface mount board populated on one side and made as small as possible (14mm x 7mm) to fit in a connector. The board processed a sensor output and its compact size presented a very elegant solution to the customer which was needed to provide the customer a corrective solution that was almost invisible to the user. This board is a rapidly built prototype.



Case Study 2: Relay PCB

This board is part of a larger system and a set of board that Swan EMS produce. It is populated with lots of relays and connectors as large components and is built in production quantities.The board not only has relays, but lots of 9 pin D type connectors abd discrete components, all though hole. This board is part of a machine that is used in the manufacturing process for silicon chips.


Relay Board


Case Study 3: Communications Transceiver Module

This board is a small surface mount assembly (shown partially built up) with a daughter board, surface mount and through hole components including a battery. These boards communicate information wirelessly in a compact format




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