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Box & Panel Build Case Studies

Swan EMS can offer the complete turnkey solution and provide complete panel or box build.  This is whether it’s a single panel or hundreds of complex systems including test.

Case Study 1: LED Lighting For Advertising Signs

Backlighting advertising signs using LED technology as opposed to the current fluorescent tube technology offers big advantages in terms of power saving, colour temperature and reduced servicing. The pictures below show the  sealed LED strips, and the metalwork that they hang from and the PSUs used in signs developed by a prestigious company and delivered to Heathrow Airport. Swan EMS make all parts, including the metalwork, harnessing, PCBs, final assembly and burn in test. The parts were delivered to the installer directly by Swan EMS to meet a tight deadline.




The installation site at Heathrow Airport

 LED Advertising Sign


Case Study 2: Semiconductor Plant Power Distribution Box

A highly complex assembly consisting of PCBs, wiring, internal assembly, harnessing and metalwork. Every part for the customer is sourced and built by Swan EMS and testing is carried out. The customer works in a very quality focussed industry.


Main assembled unit


 PCBs in Situ and Wired


Internal Wiring


Case Study 3 : Tractor PSU and GPS Interface

The below box contains power supply circuitry, an advanced GPS card and additional sensors integrated into one board with flying leads to external connectors. It has to be durable as it is mounted in the cab of a tractor. The device needs to be programmed and configured and tested for full functionality with a external computer. The electronics in this unit were also designed by Swan EMS's design service. The larger box is a control box that drives solenoid valves to actuate spraying on a boom on the same tractor.

 Control Box


Relay Control Box

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