Military Radio

Many modern pieces of military communications equipment are built to both encrypt and decode transmissions and survive rough treatment in hostile climates. They use different frequencies to send signals to other radios and to satellites.

Military communications - or "comms" - are activities, equipment, techniques, and tactics used by the military in some of the most hostile areas of the earth and in challenging environments such as battlefields, on land, underwater and also in air. Military comms include command, control and communications and intelligence and were known as the C3I model before computers were fully integrated.

Two Military Soldiers Using Military Radio System
Military Tank Rover Driving In Sand Dunes

Military Vehicles

A military vehicle is a type of vehicle that includes all land combat and transportation vehicles, which are designed for or are significantly used by military forces. Many military vehicles have vehicle armour plate or off-road capabilities or both. Under the Geneva Conventions, all non-combatant military vehicles such as field ambulances and mobile first aid stations must be properly and clearly marked as such. In theory under the conventions, such vehicles are then legally immune from deliberate attack by all combatants. A subtype that has become increasingly prominent since the late 20th century is the improvised fighting vehicle, and is often seen in irregular warfare.


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Bespoke Designed MOD RF simulator. Replicates the movement of vehicles through varying types of terrain.

Designed and Developed by Swan EMS , this USB to RS232 converter enables the user to flash 16 different bits of kit through just one laptop.

Swan EMS Designed and Developed a universal PDU. 240v Mains via a UK plug is converted both into 12v and 24v depending on the interconnection cables fitted.