Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

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How coronvirus has impacted Swan EMS

Since the outburst of the coronavirus Swan EMS have continued to design and produce quality products everyday. We are determined to develop through this global pandemic but we couldn't do this without the dedicated staff throughout the factory. The commitment from the Swan EMS team doesn't go unnoticed and as a company we have implemented a variety of measures and regulations to ensure the staff are protected and safe. Some of the measures put in place include:

  • All staff within production areas have been relocated around the factory in order to maintain a 2m distance at all times.
  • We have implemented staggered finishing times of shifts for the staff. Each staff member has been given a finishing time between 4:25 and 4:30 to avoid contact when leaving. 
  • A one way system around the factory has been put into place meaning no staff should have to pass each other and break the 2m social distancing rule.
  • One staff member in the toilets at a time.
  • Tools must be cleaned after each use. The same thing applies for appliances in the canteen such as the kettle and toaster. 

Hygiene Measures

  • Hand sanitizers have been placed around the factory and staff have been encouraged to use them whenever they feel necessary.
  • All staff have been handed a weekly cleaning sheet and must clean their work station twice a day. 
  • Notices have been placed all around the factory reminding staff to stay alert, safe and hygienic.

These are just a number of the measures we have in place and we're working every day to make the working environment even safer for our staff.