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Box Build Assemblies

Swan EMS manufacture a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service. The service we provide at Swan EMS is tailor made to our customers’ requirements. We have an extensive knowledge and experience of box build that helps us retain the highest standards when it comes to assembling, testing, packing and shipping our units to customers. Our box build service range from small panel assemblies and small plastic enclosures, right up to large complex fabricated cabinets. All our products are manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standard. We also manufacture to IPC standard and to ensure this standard is kept we have our own IPC certified trainer on-site.

Panel Wiring Assemblies

Panel Wiring assemblies are found in factories to monitor and control machines or production lines and in places such as nuclear power plants, ships, aircraft and mainframe computers. Older control panels are most often equipped with push buttons and analogue instruments, whereas today in many cases touch screens are used for monitoring and control purposes.