PSB Assemblies

PCB Assemblies

Swan EMS can design, make and populate PCBs and then finally functionally test. Orders can be from a single board to a batch run to many thousands. Boards can be integrated into chassis and made as part of a complete box build.

Bare Boards

Swan source the PCB bare board from reputable suppliers and can procure boards from 1-16 layers on FR4 or other materials such as MF4 and PTFE.

Swan has also procured and populated IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) boards (aluminium boards with a single layer used in LED lighting and for thermal management) in a range of substrate thicknesses and shapes.

Board technology continues to advance with new materials, flexible circuits, flexi-rigid and technology like buried and thermal vias. There are also unusual requirements of over-sized boards (up to 2m) and increased copper thickness for specialist applications. If you have an application that that requires more advanced technology then contact us early in the development to make sure we can present you the right solution for manufacture.

All boards can be offered in leaded or lead free.

Specifying the board

For Swan EMS to make your board we will need your Gerber (including the board outline) and the drill files. Alternatively we can generate this all from an Easy PC 15 (or earlier) “.pcb” file.

Schematic PCB assembly SMT
Through Hole PCB assembly solder

Through Hole Boards

Through hole boards are still popular and are still best for in-field repair, large components and connectors. Swan have considerable experience with hand populating such boards with our skilled operatives. Parts can be on both sides of the board, and large or heavy components secured mechanically by additional means. Parts can be spaced off the board or can be mounted vertically for a more compact design. Leads can be trimmed to length.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface Mount Technology boards are more compact, cost efficient and represent the state of the art in component placement. SWANems have made boards of various sizes (see image) and can do low volumes with minimal set up charges. Part sizes can be down to 0603. Surface mount parts can be placed on both sides of the board.

Boards can have both Surface Mount and conventional (through hole) technology on them. If you have such a board contact Swan EMS to discuss the best way to produce these boards for optimum production efficiency.

Information for populating the board

In addition to specifying the board design and material we will require a BOM (Bill of materials) and a reference to where the parts are placed.

PCB Assembly Linkers

Additional Capability

Swan are happy to individually fix labels or markings for each board, perform "on board" mods and conformally coat the board with silicone or other protective coating. For high spec customers offer paralene coating (via external subcontractor) through vacuum deposition.

Swan EMS have potted boards to provide increased environmental protection and withstand higher voltages. A range of potting compounds can be used including optically clear ones for environmentally protecting LED assemblies with primers.

Finally in keeping with the adoption of microprocessor control boards Swan EMS can "in situ" program or pre-program parts with software and configure boards to the customer’s needs.

Swan EMS pride ourselves on customer service, if you have a need for additional steps, tests, “tuning operations” or "on board" mods to your PCB or defined burn in periods before shipping we are happy to accommodate this.

Board Testing

Swan EMS is happy to functionally test 100% of boards or statistical test batch. The best way to do this, in practice is with a test rig or test set up, which can either be supplied by the customer or built by Swan to run through a regimented test and to record the results. Swan has a range of test gear from power supplies to multimeters to oscilloscopes for recording information needed.

PCB Testing


SwanEMS can accept free issue components, but we prefer to buy the lot from reputable suppliers and carry out the assembly. This gives you one order and one part number and Swan deliver the completed and tested board without further work. Swan can advise on supply issues and can look at obsolescence of components to ensure that the design you have can continue to be made now and into the future.