Ultrasonic Welding

What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding delivers the best welding results with respect to strength, Cmk/Cpk and visual experience. Ultrasonic welding presents many advantages to customers compared to crimping or resistance welding. Some suitable applications of ultrasonic welding include:

  • Inline Splices
  • Aluminium Inline Splices
  • End or Bustsplicing
  • Small Cross Sections
  • Cascade Welding

Why we Use The Schunk Ultrasonic Welder at Swan EMS

Here at Swan EMS we take pride in our work, that's why we use the Minic- III ultrasonic welder. This new equipment allows the production team to create the highest quality wire-harnesses easily and efficiently, ensuring customers are always satisfied with our output. As well as ultrasonic metal welding, we also use ultrasonic splicing, this technique allows the team to join dissimilar metals within 1 second. It also bonds stronger than soldered or resistance welded joints and allows extreme precision control over weld areas, resulting in a clean and tidy product surface area. The integrated quality control system ensures that all products are to the highest standard.

Below are some of our latest work using the Schunk Ultrasonic welder