Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Loom

Wiring Looms

A wiring harness is the same thing as a wiring loom. It is a collection of wires bundled and held together by sleeving or cable ties forming a loom. This loom is routed and fitted with connectors or connections along its length. Many wiring harnesses have multiple junctions and split offs with either bare ends, crimped wires or connectors on the end.

Complex Harnesses are usually made on a loom board. This is a 1:1 scaled drawing onto which we can build the loom. An example of a loom board is shown below. Once a loom board is produced, harness production can be done efficiently. The below shows an example of a loom board (A0 sized) completely produced and used by us for a complex loom from drawings supplied by the customer.

Wire Types

Each harness can be labelled with push on or slide on markers or colour coded and can be made from a wide range of wire types, PVC, PolyOlefin, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and various wiring grades for military use such as Type 99 cable. Single cores or screened cable can be run with pre-prepared ends using loom boards to construct the shape.

Each harness can be 100% electrically tested by a CIRRIS tester to check it is point to point connected and perform an insulation test.

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