LED Lighting

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting design is a field within architecture, interior design and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

The design process takes account of:

  • The kind of human activity for which lighting is to be provided.
  • The amount of light required.
  • The colour of the light as it may affect the views of particular objects and the environment as a whole.
  • The distribution of light within the space to be lighted, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • The effect of the lightened system itself on the user.

Marine Lighting

A power cable is an electrical cable, an assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. The assembly is used for transmission of electrical power. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed.

Flexible power cables are used for portable devices, mobile tools, and machinery.

ems design

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