Design & Product Realisation

Whether your new product idea is inspired by the internet of things (IoT), sports or wearable technology, we can manage your new product introduction from start to finish through our electronics design and layout service.

We can provide the expertise and industry knowledge you need to design a quality product — listening to your requirements, concerns and project ‘must-haves’ to help turn your design ideas into a reality.

Our electronics experts have worked on a variety of new and exciting projects across a range of industries — including Industrial, Medical, Scientific Instrumentation, Security and the Internet of Things (IoT). For more complex designs, we work with a small number of specially selected electronics design houses to deliver the highest level of specialist design skills.

Today’s new product development processes use state-of-the-art CAD software tools to transfer your design from an initial concept to a fully designed PCB, including hardware and firmware. With 25 years’ experience, our multi-skilled engineers provide input into all new PCB product designs to ensure your board is best prepared for manufacture and test. From start to finish — we guarantee we’ve thought of everything.

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Why Swan EMS?

We’re experts in design and product realisation across our six dedicated facilities in Basingstoke, Abertillery, Netherlands, as well as our three in Romania.

The unique combination of our friendly customer service team, state of the art machinery and experienced electronics manufacturing staff means that we can deliver your project to an exceptional standard.

From simple projects of high volume to complex projects of lower volume, we manufacture to your needs. What’s more, we’re with you every step of the way to produce your end product which meets your exact requirements.

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