Case study: Romanian Magic!

When approached by a leading international leisure company for a custom entertainment product we worked our magic!

This fast turnaround project required our PCB and cable assembly expertise and the provision of e-mech parts from a specialist supply partner. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, we had the capabilities, supplier relationships and skills needed to reduce standard lead times. All assemblies were manufactured by our skilled technicians in our factory in Romania. We worked to the highest industry standards whilst drawing together all elements of supply delivery, and exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The standard lead time for a project of this complexity and size would be 8-10 weeks for a first batch. The first batch of 300 assemblies were completed in 3 weeks, 700 assemblies in 4 weeks and a final 2000 in 8 weeks. An extremely fast timeline for a project of this size.

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Our Managing Director, Phil Simmonds commented:

“I honestly believe that there isn’t another factory in Europe, with all the skills under one roof and of sufficient scale, that could have turned this project around within the timescale.”

The great news for our manufacturing team working with us in Romania, is that the customer then placed further orders for 3000 assemblies!

When you require speed with a quality assembly project; or have gotten stuck waiting due to supply issues in the past, let us know your requirements. Our electronics experts can help turn your project into a reality. Whatever your PCB assembly, cable assembly, electronics box build or overmoulding needs; we offer sound project support to our customers.

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