Our background in electronics overmoulding goes back many years, providing a wealth of experience in overmoulding Cable Assemblies to provide connector sealing and strain relief.

Today, in addition to overmoulding Cable Assemblies, we provide the latest and most cost effective moulding process for the protection and encapsulation of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies ( PCB’s ).

Low Pressure Overmoulding ( LPO ) protects sensitive electronic components on assembled printed circuit boards from moisture, dust, vibration and after market tampering.

It leaves your electronics undamaged, overmoulds directly onto your electronics and seals to IP67 rating. There is no need for a separate housing or potting.

LPO is also used to provide protection for Cable Assemblies, where connector sealing and strain relief is needed.

EC Electronics is the first contract manufacturer in the UK to offer LPO as a complete turnkey service, embracing PCB & Cable Assembly, Electrical Test and Overmoulding.