Earlier this year, Swan EMS was thrilled to join forces with EC Electronics — a global manufacturer with almost 40 years of experience — to provide innovative and adaptive key manufacturing and supply services. 

Since 2007, Swan EMS have been working with our loyal customers to offer design consultancy services, support every unique requirement and turn your electronic product concept into a reality… 

Now, as a division of EC Electronics, we can widen our capabilities and take your projects to new levels with the latest electronics manufacturing technology. 

Phil Simmons, CEO of EC Electronics, said: 

‘At EC Electronics, we believe there is excellent potential for the growth of mid-sized cable assembly and electronics box build specialists in the UK and mainland Europe. Adding Swan to the EC group will significantly strengthen its UK capabilities’. 

So, what exactly does this acquisition mean for our customers? And what does the future hold for Swan EMS? 

On a mission for improved services 

From day one, Swan EMS’ priority has been to provide superior quality and value to our customers. Luckily, our mission aligns perfectly with EC Electronics’ ethos: to strive to be the best-in-class electronics manufacturing services partners for original equipment manufacturers and product innovators — continuously improving production techniques, logistics and engineering, and adhering to stringent industry standards. 

Going forward, our mission will remain unchanged. We are just tapping into a new wealth of resources and expertise that will fuel us into the future.  

Swan EMS will still… 

Be the same team you know and love 

Part of what has made Swan EMS so unique over the last 16 years is the people that power it day in, day out — and we will still be here to answer your questions, meet your needs and deliver the first-class services you are used to. 

Offer the same services

From electronic box builds, cable assembly and PCB assembly to design and product realisation, overmoulding and potting, encapsulation and PCB conformal coating — the same services will cover our clients across a wide range of industries, just with enhanced capabilities. 

Operate independently 

Swan EMS will continue operating from our existing premises in Abertillery, supporting our existing customers production and service needs

But we do have a few exciting things up our sleeve… 

A bright future for Swan EMS

In case you have not already noticed, Swan EMS has a shiny new website! 

Featuring the same essential information about our services, sectors and quality assurance, our site has been updated to make user navigation as simple as possible — whilst helping us put our best foot forward with new Swan EMS customers. 

You can now also dive into our blog section. Packed with interesting and informative reads, discover the latest industry trends, Swan EMS service offerings and topical blog posts to keep your finger on the pulse of the electronics manufacturing sector. 

Looking ahead, we are excited to see where this new chapter takes us and how it can provide enormous benefits for our customers. As Phil Simmons said: 

‘Swan’s excellent reputation for quality and customer service has contributed to the business’ recent growth. We hope to build on this and support the continued development of Swan in the coming years.’ 

We cannot wait for all that is to come, and we thank our customers for their continued support. 

Have any questions about our acquisition and what it means for your business’ upcoming electronics project? Get in touch with our friendly team at +44(0) 1495 320 989 or send an email to info@swanems.co.uk for more information.