Low-Pressure Overmoulding

Low-Pressure Overmoulding

Low-pressure overmoulding is an innovative encapsulation process positioned between traditional potting and injection moulding technologies. As a leading electronics manufacturing services provider, we offer a quality overmoulding solution for even the most complex projects.

With our quality low-pressure overmoulding service you can protect your PCB and cable assemblies with an unbreakable, shock-proof solution.

What is it?

Low-pressure overmoulding is an injection process whereby a PCB assembly, for example, is placed in a specially manufactured aluminium mould tool and completely surrounded (overmoulded) with a liquid compound that effectively forms the protection for the device. LPO is a complementary technology, it does not replace all potting applications and typically does not compete with traditional injection moulding.

This process greatly simplifies the production of final packaging and offers a technically efficient and cost-effective method.

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What are the benefits?

  • It encapsulates and protects PCB and cable assemblies

  • Provides a rugged, almost unbreakable protection that is resistant to shock

  • It is an effective strain relief

  • There is the option to mould company logos or part number for an attractive look
  • Low-pressure overmoulding is tamperproof and environmentally sealed
  • Unlike potting, it eliminates the need for housing

  • There is very little waste

How does it work?

The moulding compounds used are called ‘hot-melts‘ and are typically polyamide materials that are heated to 210C, forming a low viscosity material that can be injected at typically 50 – 200 psi into the mould cavity to encapsulate the electronics.

The injected material starts cooling as soon as it comes into contact with the mould cavity, thereby producing a short curing time cycle. The excellent adhesive properties form a watertight seal (IP 67 rated) around the PCB without any chemical reaction, ensuring that no toxic fumes are produced. It is the low injection pressure that is paramount in preventing damage to the electronics and unlike traditional potting applications, there is no need for a separate housing.

Tooling Costs

Typically, tooling costs starting around £2,500.

Why Swan EMS?

We’re experts in Low-Pressure Overmoulding across our six dedicated facilities in Basingstoke, Abertillery, Netherlands, as well as our three in Romania.

The unique combination of our friendly customer service team, state of the art machinery and experienced electronics manufacturing staff means that we can deliver your project to an exceptional standard.

From simple projects of high volume to complex projects of lower volume, we manufacture to your needs. What’s more, we’re with you every step of the way to produce your end product which meets your exact requirements.

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